The Micro Uzi is a submachine gun, a scaled down version of the Uzi submachine gun.


While relatively inaccurate, this gun has a very high rate of fire. The Micro Uzi's magazine capacity is twenty rounds.


There are three variants of this gun: a single suppressed Micro Uzi, dual-wielded Micro Uzis and suppressed dual-wielded Micro Uzis. The first is found in game.

Dual-wielded Micro Uzis are obtained by completing The Meat King's Party with a Silent Assassin Rating, and Dual-wielded Suppressed Micro Uzi are obtained by completing The Lee Hong Assassination with a Silent Assassin Rating too.



  • Possibly as the result of a glitch, it's not possible to conceal both the regular Micro Uzi and the silenced version of it together. The player can conceal only one of them at a time.

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