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Mike Whittier portrayed by Dougray Scott is a British Interpol agent, who believes that a number of assassinations were committed by a "bald killer".

Hitman (2007 film)

Opening scene

Whittier discovers Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) in his study, where the two talk. The scene flashes back three months, as 47 was completing a hit on a gang leader named Bwana Ovie in Niger.

Hunting Agent 47

During the film he fights constantly with Yuri Marklov during the Mikhail Belicoff investigation, and hates his control of the case. He bugged Marklov's office after being kicked off of the investigation. He came close to death when he jumped Agent 47 in a train station and was quickly subdued by him. At the end of the film, 47 is trapped in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and is captured by Whittier. But during the transport of 47 by Whittier, the convoy is ambushed by Agent Smith, who helps 47 to escape from the transport.


Later, 47 confronted Mike in his home, asking him how a good man like Mike can kill people. Mike responds that he will not hesitate to defend himself and his family, but for any other situation, it is "a crapshoot". Satisfied, 47 provided Mike with a fake body and instructed Mike to report to his superiors that 47 is dead.

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