Mr. Giggles (also known as  "The Entertainer") is the 26th and the final elusive target in HITMAN™. He appeared in the mission A House Built on Sand from July 14th to July 24th, 2017.


Mr. Giggles, alarmingly, considers himself an artist, continuing the legacy of Grand Guignol. His lavish performance, the SoirĂŠe Horrible aspires to create reactions of deep-seated horror in even the most jaded of guest, while eschewing the traditionally horrid. Little is known of his background, as his assumed role and the tribal facial tattoos that define it have long since eclipsed who he may have been in the time before the SoirĂŠe Horrible. When not the aloof master of ceremonies of yet another disturbing display, he travels the globe seeking out his next attraction.


  • Mr. Giggles is in Marrakesh to meet a local French businessman to obtain an albino camel for his next performance that the camel is horribly killed with a chainsaw.
    • However, it is implied that Mr. Giggles already has the camel and he is just testing the businessman to see if he manages to obtain the camel himself.
  • Mr. Giggles is also planning for a new performance called "Survival of the Weakest" which a panda is trained to eat other pandas.