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Mrs. Stewart also known as the First Lady is the wife of the U.S. President Tom Stewart. She has a hatred towards Daniel Morris because of unknown reasons and has a secret affair with one of the Secret Service agents.


Mrs. Stewart, in particular, does not like Daniel Morris and assigned him to walk her dog and often argued with him.

In addition to her public eye image she was secretly having an affair with one of her bodyguards, apparently tired of life already alongside her husband, though her lover wanted to end the affair.


She is shown to be an intelligent, experienced and determined woman, seeking to order what she chose. She is also shown to have a great affection for her pet dog.


Despite her age she is shown to still be very attractive. She wears a pink formal dress suit and has short black hair.



  • The First Lady has a dog (a yorkshire terrier) which has to be regularly taken out for a walk.
  • Her appearance could be a reference to Jackie Kennedy's (note the signature pink dress) or Laura Bush considering her hair style. Both of which former First Ladies.

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