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"Men are so easy. Shame to waste such a nice hunk of meat.
But a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do"
The assassin, after killing 47.[src]

There is an unknown female assassin disguised as one of the models in Lorne de Havilland's party in the 7th Hitman: Blood Money mission, You Better Watch Out.

Her presence in the mission is first referred to by Alexander Leland Cayne during the pre-mission cinematic. He comments that "We had our best agent on the spot. We were ready...". She is then seen as a silhouette on the mission loading screen, on the right hand side.

In-game, she is known as "?". She was killed by 47.


She wears the same Santa based outfit as the rest of the models at the party. She has short black hair and green colored eyes, and has a distinctive tattoo on her buttock with the symbol of The Franchise.


Little is known about this character, who has substantially less dialog or screen time than other Franchise assassins in the game. However, judging from the cut-scene in which she kills 47, it seems that she has a very cold nature, and is calculative in her approach.

She refers to 47 as a "hunk of meat" and comments on how it should be considered a waste to kill him as she interacts. These personal expressions shown display an empathetic detachment and playful indifference concerning the way she regards her victims and also on how she generally operates while on a mission, all of which is befitting of a predatorial lurer; who primarily uses her physical appearance and assets to attract her targets into a false sense of security - right before she goes for the kill.



  • When she sees 47 during the mission, she will seductively gesture for him to follow her into a private suite. If he does so, there will be a brief period of time in idleness, before a cut-scene will play in which she stabs him in the neck with a nail file after making a remark.
  • When you look behind the couch in her room, you can find the real model. She appears to have been somehow knocked unconscious by the assassin, so the assassin could take her place.
  • Originally she was supposed to be an additional target in the mission You better Watch Out... but was cut as a mandatory target by the game designers.
  • She can be easily missed if the player is not paying attention, also the cutscene will not be triggered until 47 enters the room. Leaving her alone will not affect the outcome of the mission.
  • The original concept model for her can be seen dancing near one of the entrances of the The Shark Club in the Hell party.
  • Like her fellow Franchise assassins, she can recognize 47 regardless of his disguise.
  • She is in the loading screen just as a shadow, and there is no name under it.
  • The only time that she is "counted" as an optional target is after the cut-scene, otherwise she is counted as a civilian.

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