Example of a Newspaper from Hitman: Blood Money.

The Newspaper is an item that appears in Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Absolution, and HITMAN™.


Hitman: Blood Money

The newspaper, as seen in Hitman: Blood Money, is shown at the end of each mission. It shows police reports of what the player did in a mission, showing their rating at the top, shots fired, witnesses, accuracy, civilians and guards murdered, and what weapon the player used the most. The newspaper also shows ad's which can be hints for future missions.

Hitman: Absolution

Newspaper clippings

The newspaper clippings seen in One of a Kind.

While not having the same effect as it did in Hitman: Blood Money, the newspaper does return in the Hitman: Absolution mission, One of a Kind. The player, once walking down into the basement of Tommy Clemenza's shop, can see newspapers of some of Agent 47's previous missions. The newspapers can not be interacted with.


The newspaper returns once more in HITMAN™. Seen in the mission World of Tomorrow, the player can use newspapers to hide. When used, Agent 47 will sit on the bench the newspaper is one and will be hidden.

Blood Money Text

The following contain spoilers. Click "show" to continue.

  • (Player Rating) Wanted by police/massacres (# of kills)!
  • (Target Name) killed. Police suspect blood money is involved.
  • Local Police confirmed this morning that (Target Name) and (if there was another target) was/were killed at (Location of the hit) last night./yesterday at noon.
  • (Target name) and (Another target) was/were believed to be the victim(s) in a violent episode that caused (Number of other persons killed) additional deaths.
  • Investigators suggest that some sort of strangulation device was used for the majority of the deaths, possibly fiber wire.
  • Investigators report that (Number of shots fired) were fired by the assassin, judging from bullet holes and cartridges found at the crime scene.
  • A comparison of the shots and the wounds of the victims has lead to the assumption that the shooter is a perfect marksman, on par with legendary "Agent 47." Each shot fired found its mark./ an extremely skilled marksman of astonishing accuracy, and therefore probably a professional assassin. No shots fired missed their mark./ talented and highly trained marksman. Only a few shots missed their apparent targets./ a talented marksman. Few shots were wasted./ an experienced shooter with limited skill and dangerous enthusiasm./ someone with limited experience and only basic training in the use of firearms./ someone with a severe visual handicap. There is no other explanation for the random, pointless pattern of gunfire described by the evidence. (The description varies depending on how many of the shots that were fired hit a living NPC)
  • Investigators found (Ammo type used) around the area, indicating that a (Weapon type), possibly of the type (Most used weapon), has been used for the murder.
  • It concerns the authorities that (Number of Headshots) of the victims were brutally executed by shots to the head.
  • The police have stated that the lack of witnesses is making this an especially difficult case to investigate.
  • Local Police is at the moment questioning (Number of alive witnesses) that escaped the scene alive.
  • The Witness/ One witness describes the perpetrator as a "Chameleon" because the person was caught trying to enter a restricted area wearing a disguise./ Some witness/ The witness describe to have seen the perpetrator trying to cover his tracks by changing appearance.
  • The police have absolutely no clue of the killer's appearance, as nobody claims to have seen him or her. (Description changes when Notoriety increases.)


  • If your notoriety increases during levels, a certain figure that resembles Agent 47 will be displayed on the picture from the front page, therefore making the next mission more difficult.
  • Some of the ads reference events from Kane and Lynch, a game also developed by IO-Interactive.

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