Nila Torvik was an Elusive Target who appeared September 16th-September 23rd, 2016 in the mission The Showstopper.


Nila Torvik is brilliant, simply put. The product of a rich and egalitarian society, she has completely achieved her massive potential. She is utterly cynical, obsessed with the effects of pharmaceuticals on humans.

Her company, Torvik Research, has been recognized as a Scandinavian tiger, breaking records for patents filed and year-on-year growth. Torvik herself gives no interviews and leads a highly ascetic lifestyle.

Rumors of proxy-testing in the third world have been investigated and debunked by the media and government watchdogs, but it seems entirely in her character that the ambitious and ruthless pharmacist is more than willing to cut ethical corners to achieve her goals.


  • She is the first female Elusive Target.
  • She's said about selling drugs to Ezra Berg, who is a chemical interrogator.