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An example of having High Notoriety.

Notoriety is a gameplay feature in Hitman: Blood Money. Notoriety takes effect whenever the player starts a game with a difficulty above rookie difficulty.


Having notoriety will make going through future missions harder. With high notoriety, civilians can recognize Agent 47 in his normal attire, often leading to civilians to panic. High notoriety also makes Agent 47 more likely to get noticed by armed individuals.

Notoriety goes up if Agent 47 is caught on camera and doesn't steal the footage, or leaves witnesses alive. However, the player can offset this by bribing witnesses, bribing police, or by getting a new identity, the last of which will reduce notoriety to zero no matter what it was before, but is also the priciest. There are many different stages of notoriety shown at the end of each level, each with a police sketch or a security camera shot of Agent 47.



  • The security camera image at the end of the mission uses the same background no matter what the mission is.
  • The background of the security camera image always shows Agent 47 in a busy environment with many people in the background.
  • No matter what disguise you are wearing, Agent 47 will always caught on camera with his suit.

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