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"Victoria. I came so close. I need to escape, find Skurky and force him to disclose Blake Dexter's location. The sheriff just signed his own death warrant."
―Mission description[src]
Operation Sledgehammer
Operation Sledgehammer Title Render
In-game information
Targets: Clive Skurky
VIPs: None
Location: Hope, South Dakota, USA
Chronological information
Preceded by: Skurky's Law
Succeeded by: One of a Kind
Real-world information
Game: Hitman: Absolution
Small Hitman Emblem There is a walkthrough available for this mission; see this page.

Operation Sledgehammer is the 16th mission in Hitman: Absolution. It consists of 4 segments: County Jail, Outgunned, Burn, and Hope Fair.

Mission InformationEdit

After being captured by Sheriff Skurky, 47 must escape captivity and track him down, in order to force him to tell him where Blake Dexter is, as well as get payback, while dodging a full-scale invasion by the Agency.



  • Agency ARZ 160 - Outgunned: Next to the swat van furthest to the right. Can be found leaning against a box.
  • Agency Dynamics CPW - Outgunned: Three of these weapons are scattered around the map.
  • Aries 24-7 - Hope Fair: Found on the heavy trooper closest to the exit. Carried by backup on higher difficulty levels (Hard+).
  • Jagd P22G - Hope Fair: The very first heavy trooper you see has this gun. Also dropped by the trooper in the bar if subdued.
  • Black Kazo TRG - In the sniper's nest.
  • Silverballer - Inside the police station reception, getting them is part of the objectives.
  • STG 58 - County Jail: After collecting the Silverballers, go directly in the door to the left. Look on the desk in this office.
  • Z&M Model 60 - Carried by police officers.


  • Agency Tanto Knife - In Outgunned after you climb down the roof to the left.
  • Bottle - In Outgunned after you climb down the roof to the left.
  • Brick - In Outgunned on the roof to the right.
  • Cleaver - In the Hope Fair food stands.
  • Gasoline Can - Outgunned: Next to the swat van on the opposite side of the Agency ARZ 160 leaning against boxes.
  • Hammer - Burn: In the vacant storage hall on a shelf next to a trash bag. Also, next to a crate of boxes close to the corner exit into Hope Fair level.
  • Knife - In the Hope Fair food stands.
  • Metal Pipe- County Jail: When you come out of the room where you were in captivity, turn to the right and look down at the door.
  • Police Baton - In the County Jail reception.
  • Power Cord - When escaping from the County Jail, near the police officer talking on the phone.
  • Plunger - In the Outskirts section near the church at the end of the mission, around the nearest lefthand house. [1]
  • Screwdriver - Burn: There are two in the first room. One is on a box towards the back left and the other is on the ground close by. Two heavy troopers are searching this room.


  • Proximity Mine - Hope Fair: At the 1st floor in the Bar storage room - sniper's nest.
  • Remote Explosive - Hope Fair: ' At the 1st floor in the Bar storage room - sniper's nest.



  • Chameleon - Pick up the disguises.
  • Evidence Collector - Collect all the Evidence.
    • 1. County Jail: In the cubicle directly across from where the Silverballers are held.
    • 2. Outgunned: In front of the county jail, on a container next to a van.
    • 3. Burn: On a box near the large doors when exiting the last smoky room that contains enemies. It's in the room with lot of ladders if you have trouble finding it.
    • 4. Hope Fair: On a container at the end of the road, in front of the distillery.
  • Infiltrator - Avoid getting spotted.
  • Suit Only - Avoid using disguises.
  • Vigilante - Subdue or knock out all the cops in County Jail. Stealth not required.
  • Misty Eyes - 10 stealth kills in the smoke of the burning building, while remaining unseen, 10 knockouts also counts. (11 on Expert/Pro difficulty)
  • Heavy Armor - In "Burn", use a Heavy Trooper as human shield and perform three kills, needs to be done in one attempt.
  • A Cleansing Fire - Complete "Operation Sledgehammer."
  • Surgical Precision - Part 1 - Get three headshots without missing.
  • Surgical Precision - Part 2 - Get five headshots without missing.
  • Surgical Precision - Part 3 - Get seven headshots without missing and within a time limit.
  • Mastery: Operation Sledgehammer - Complete all challenges.


  • When 47 shoots Skurky, someone is in the coffin behind him, but in the cutscene that follows, the coffin is empty.
  • 47 only has 3 seconds to shoot Skurky, though not needed, it's recommended to use point shooting. 47 will be shot if he shoots the civilian or is too slow.
  • When 47 confronts Skurky in the church, the cutscenes show 47 holding only one Silverballer in his left hand, but during the Point Shooting sequence, he uses his right hand to shoot Skurky.
  • The music played in the church after 47 deals with Skurky is the Ave Maria aria, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and adapted by Charles Gounod. It has long been one of the Hitman series' signatures.
  • No matter what disguise 47 was wearing, he will always change back into his normal suit when reaching the church.
  • No matter where Skurky is shot, it will not kill him straight away, even if a headshot is performed. Also, the cutscene after will always show Skurky turning onto his back.
  • The coffin behind Skurky may collapse, but the cutscene after will always show it in normal condition. This will also apply if a blood splatter lands on the coffin.
  • In the Objectives screen, when the player is in the church, it depicts that Skurky was in the courtroom, probably a developer oversight.



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Hitman Absolution - Operation Sledgehammer


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