Pavel Frydel (also known as "The Doctor") is the 21st elusive target in HITMAN™. He appeared in the mission Situs Inversus.


Frydel is a brilliant transplant surgeon, previously the chief at the Warsaw State Central Hospital.

He moved into the private sector, lured by the prospect of astronomical salaries and the freedom to choose his own patients. Before joining the Gama facility staff he was involved in a transplant operation that went horribly wrong after the organ used turned out to be carrying a strain of EHV.

He fled underground, claiming his innocence, and blaming the patient's death on the providence of the organ.


  • Frydel has an amusing conversation with one of his cafe guards, in which the guard wants steroids to "go big" (muscular-wise), but Frydel mistakes it to genital enlargement.
  • With a bit of luck, it's possible for him to eat the sushi when 47 invites him.

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