The Petronas Towers is a real-life location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The towers are connected by a bridge in the centre. Once 47 returned to the Agency, he was sent on an assignment based on the Petronas Towers.


The Petronas Towers began construction in 1993, and formally opened on August 1, 1999. They were the tallest buildings in the world for six years, until Taipei 101 was completed in 2004. The height of the towers is measured to the top of their structural components such as spires, but do not include antennas.

The Spires are considered actual integral parts of the architectural design of buildings, to which changes would substantially change the appearance and design of the building, whereas antennas may be added or removed without such consequences. The Petronas Towers still remain the tallest twin buildings in the world.


47 was sent in to carry out an assignment for the Agency after he returned from retirement. But killing the twin of his actual target in the lower basement, he directly went to an office of Carniwarez Inc. to plant a hacking device as he was assigned to.

47 went up a window cleaning elevator and killed his target, Charlie Sidjan and as instructed, made the hit look like a robbery by stealing an artifact and some US currency, and escaped through the main elevator.


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