Play styles are a new feature introduced in Hitman: Absolution. These unlockables serve no real purpose, and are purely for show. They are obtained by using certain classes of weapons, or completing certain actions. There are 20 unlockable play styles.

Name Description Requirements
Needle Pumper This object is usually employed to relieve pain. In the hands of Agent 47 however, it tends to achieve quite the opposite effect. Use a syringe to kill 5 NPCs.
Undertaker It is one thing to deal with your target, and another to cover your tracks. Thoroughness is the hallmark of a professional. Hide 5 bodies.
Piano Man In a world of fighter drones and long distance weaponry, this deadly tool is simple, silent, and extremely hands-on. Good to see someone uphold the good old ways. Use a garrote to kill 5 NPCs.
Reaper Man Positioning, timing, and execution are key elements to survival when greatly outnumbered. Use point shooting to kill 8 NPCs.
Pitcher Any pointy object can be considered a lethal weapon. It is just a matter of velocity and thrust. Use lethal throws to kill 5 NPCs without being spotted.
Sandman A challenging but conscientious approach to infiltration and dealing with obstacles. At least you will not have blood on your hands. Subdue 3 NPCs.
Bank Robber When you are all out of cover and need to buy some time, you can always rely on other people to have your back. Or, more likely, your front. Use 3 NPCs as human shields and knock them out.
Spook Even a ruthless assassin cares about etiquette. It is one thing to execute people, and another to bother the neighbors. Use a silenced weapon and sneak up on 3 NPCs and press "eliminate" insted of "human shield" without being spotted.
Dynasty Warrior Bring this weapon into close quarter combat and the fight is won before it has even begun. Use the katana to kill 9 NPCs.
Dynamite Harry A pull-no-punches approach to target disposal. Messy and precarious, but truly awesome to behold. Use explosions to kill 5 NPCs.
Gunslinger Although romanticized by countless westerns, the life of the gunslinger tends to be nasty, brutish, and short. Use revolvers to kill 15 NPCs.
Maestro As grandma used to say: waste is sinful. Bullets are no exception. Use a sniper rifle to achieve 5 headshots in a row without missing.
Glass Cannon If the weapon packs enough heat, aiming becomes a minor concern. Use a shotgun to kill 5 NPCs without receiving damage.
Bartender There is no such thing as a clean fight. Many students of martial arts have learned this the hard way when they accidentally stepped on the wrong toes at the local pub. Use a bottle to melee attack 5 NPCs.
Champion Why bother with weapons when you have a perfectly able pair of hands? Use unarmed melee attacks to defeat 5 NPCs.
Viking Professional athletes do it. Trolls do it. But nobody wields a massive wooden club quite like Agent 47. Use clubs, such as the golf club, baseball bat, or sledge hammer to kill 5 NPCs.
Brutus Probably the most popular weapon of all time amongst assassins. The act of using the weapon from a certain position has often been used to describe unexpectedly cruel behavior toward a friend. Use a knife or any of its variations to kill 5 NPCs.
Berserker A tried-and-tested classic, used by Nordic heathens and hooded maniacs alike. Excellent for cutting people down to size. Use an axe or any of its variations to kill 5 NPCs.
Tank As the old saying goes: no pain, no gain. Receive damage 20 times.
Jinx Forget about black cats and broken mirrors; the real harbinger of bad luck is known as Agent 47. Unlike the fabled cat, no lucky charms, spitting, or throwing of salt seem to have any noticeable effect. Perform 2 accident kills.

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