The Red Plumber outfit and the Green Plumber outfit is a set of unique disguises that can be found in HITMAN™.


World of Tomorrow

The red outfit is worn by the plumber in the sewers beneath the church, while the green one is worn by the plumber in the basement of Villa Caruso. Both disguises grant access to the front yard and basement of the villa and the sewers.


Both plumbers can now be found in the sewers beneath the church.  Due to Villa Caruso not being accessible, the disguise only allows 47 to enter the sewers without trespassing.


The red and the green plumber outfits appears in the following missions:



  • The plumber disguises are a reference to the Super Mario series, which is reinforced by the Italian setting. In addition, their names are Mario Salvatore and Luigi Salvatore, which can be seen by tagging them in contracts.

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