The Poison Syringe is a melee weapon first seen in Hitman: Codename 47, and one of the basic weapons available to Agent 47 in Hitman: Blood Money. It is a combination of Pavulon (Pancuronium Bromide), Sodium Pentothal and Potassium Chloride that will instantly kill the person injected.


The poison syringe may serve the same function like the Fiber Wire, to kill someone without alerting nearby NPC's. The main difference is that the syringe can be used on incapacitated people. This function is very effective if the player doesn't have a silenced weapon.

In Hitman: Blood Money, it can be used to poison drinks and foods, adding another way to silently kill a target without arousing suspicion, as long as you are not seen while you are using this weapon. If you take it out in front of a crowd they will panic and your mission will be ruined. It will take a few seconds to kill the target as well, but if you rush, their time will be shortened.

It is possible that it gives off the impression that the victim suffered a heart attack, though the kills with it are not listed as accidents when it is used.

In HITMAN™, the item can only be used on people (poisoning food/drinks requires another item). This time, the syringe can be carried visibly, and instead of a lengthy animation, Agent 47 quickly sticks the needle into his target and back, after which they will slowly collapse. However, anybody who sees Agent 47 attack the NPC will act accordingly.


Hitman: Codename 47

Hitman: Blood Money

  • Death of a Showman - One can be found near the last part of the level in an ICA container.
  • Every other mission except Requiem - Agent 47 starts all missions with two doses.


  • Unlocked from the start of the game - Can be chosen from the mission setup menu for every mission.
  • Antique Lethal Syringe is unlocked by completing all 5 Himmapan horror challenges (Bangkok)
  • Freedom Fighters - atop of a shelf in the farmhouse basement, near the stairs. Very difficult to notice.



  • Sodium Pentothal is a controlled substance in all parts of the world, which raises the question how the ICA can acquire these syringes.

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