Price was a German arms dealer. He was seen in the film Hitman.


Price was seen in a hotel bathroom with a bodyguard lined up near him and waited for him to finish. When Agent 47 was installing a suppressor into his pistol in a cubicle, Price was washing his face, with his bodyguard waiting for him. Then 47 got out of the cubicle, and he pointed his suppressed pistol at Price's bodyguard. He then shoots him in the back of the head, killing him. Then 47 goes up to Price, and injects a poison serum into him. As 47 holds him, his head shakes for a short period of time and then dies. 47 then dragged Price's body near the bathroom door. Two other bodyguards entering the bathroom were killed by 47 shortly afterwards. 47 then posed as Price when infiltrating Udre Belicoff's party.

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