The Priest outfit is a recurring disguise that appears in Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Absolution and HITMAN™.


Hitman: Blood Money

This outfit can be found worn by the Priest that enters the party on a separate boat. The disguise allows access to all parts of the LeBlanc mansion (and all outside parts), and also allows you to marry Margeaux LeBlanc and Hank Leitch Muldoon.

Hitman: Absolution

"This traditional robe is worn by ministers of the Holy Roman Catholic Church."

Agent 47 obtains this disguise from Birdie's bus to replace his Suit in order to visit the Rosewood Orphanage and get Victoria out. This outfit is the starting disguise for Rosewood and Welcome to Hope. For the next missions up to and including One of a Kind, 47 dresses in some variation of the priest outfit, removing the collar and fish-shaped badge.


The disguise is worn by the priest in the church of Sapienza in World of Tomorrow and Landslide. In World of Tomorrow, a second priest outfit can also be found in the church's basement. The disguise allows access to the whole church. He can also enter the morgue building, but in World of Tomorrow he isn't allowed inside the room with the dead scientist.

In Landslide the priest outfit gives Agent 47 the opportunity to listen to Marco Abiatti confession and then meet with him alone on the church roof.

The priest, most of the church staff, and most of the gardeners working in the graveyard will see through this disguise.


The Priest outfit appears in the following missions:

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Absolution



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