The Private Militia (conjectural name as of yet) is an antagonistic group in HITMAN™. They are the Shadow Client's private "army" to a point in his war against Providence.


The Private Militia is an illegal union of a mercenaries, former intelligence operatives, ex-soldiers, freelancers, terrorists, activists, hackers and criminals who united under the leadership of the Shadow Client. They are operating from a remote farm compound in rural Colorado and are involved in international incidences of assault, fraud, manipulation and more, just for one cause: Damaging Providence, the "Global Elite".

They were responsible for the kidnapping and assassination of American media mogul Thomas Cross and Dutch billionaire Charles Vanderblathe, who were both members of Providence. During Freedom Fighters, one also can hear that they are planning attacks on the Mexican politician Gustavo Torres and international CEO Simon Deveraux, who are also part of Providence.


The militia only made one appearance in the entire series:


Freedom Fighters - Agent 47 had taken out four key members of the militia (Sean Rose, Penelope Graves, Maya Parvati and Ezra Berg).

Known Members