The Public Enemy outfit is a disguise featured in Hitman: Absolution. The outfit was an exclusive pre-order bonus if you pre-ordered Absolution from Best Buy or Amazon UK. The disguise has since been made available for purchase separately through Xbox Live Marketplace (80 MSP), PlayStation Store ($0.99), and Steam ($0.99).

It is also a part of the Suit and Gun Collection DLC available on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Store, and Steam.


"The traditional gentleman's version of Agent 47s preferred men's attire."


The Public Enemy outfit doesn't appear normally in Absolution, due to it being a DLC item. It must be purchased through Xbox Live Marketplace (80 MSP), PlayStation Store ($0.99), or Steam ($0.99).


  • The pre-order bonus from Best Buy and Amazon UK included the Bronson M1928.

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