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A Purser is one of the men working on Skip Muldoon's ship Emily in the mission Death on the Mississippi. The Pursers deliver food around the steamer for the duration of the voyage. Their outfit can be taken by Agent 47, and it will allow him access to some of the lower-profile Staff-Only areas aboard the ship. 


A Purser is known to make his way to the back of the ship to look over the railings on the first level, making him an easy target to allow you into the lower-profile Staff Only areas provided you make it through the engineering rooms, where the Engineers are shovelling their coal. 

In addition to this, there are a number of Pursers making their way around the ship, and the costume is scattered around numerous sections of the ship. 


The Purser outfit will allow Agent 47 access to the lower-profile Staff-Only areas lower down on the ship. This will make it easier to make your way around in the earlier stages of the level. However, the First Class Purser suit or a VIP pass and Tuxedo would be needed in order to get to the VIP section of the ship and subsequent higher profile Staff Only areas, such as Muldoon's deck. The Tuxedo is most easily obtained by donning the Purser outfit and speaking to a guest at the entrance to the room just beyond the food preperation room and toilets, who gives you the key to his room and requests you to take a bottle of wine there. 


  • It is suggested that Skip Muldoon, the primary target, preys on the Pursers and uses them as sex objects. This is made noticable by the fact that a Purser can be found showering next to Muldoon's office. This is made even more obvious by the fact that the bedroom on the other side of the office has a bed that it not made. 

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