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The Purser outfit is a uniform obtained aboard Skip Muldoon's ship in the mission Death on the Mississippi, in Hitman: Blood Money.

The Purser uniform comes in two variants, the First Class Purser and the Second Class Purser. The first class allowed Agent 47 to access all of Skip Muldoon's steamboat, the Emily, and the second class allowed basic access.


Out of all of the outfits in the mission, it is the best disguise as it allows the player to go anywhere on the steamboat. First Class Pursers are the only NPCs allowed onto the top deck, apart from Muldoon and the Gator Gang, as they serve Muldoon food and provide other services.

The First Class Purser outfit gives the player the most amount of freedom throughout the ship. It is the only outfit that Agent 47 can don that allows him access to the level of the ship in which Skip Muldoon is on, though even then you need to check your weapons in the crate under the stairs or sneak by unless you want them discovered at the door.



  • The First Class Pursers are suggested to be used by Muldoon for sexual pleasure.
    • This is suggested by two primary things. Muldoon will say a number of sexually suggestive comments to you if you are dressed in this outfit.
    • There is a semi-nude man in the shower in the bathroom next to Muldoon's office, and there is a First Class Purser outfit sitting in the bathroom nearby.

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