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The Reporter is a civilian appearing in the mission Rendezvous in Rotterdam. His clothes can be used as a disguise for gaining entry into the Flaming Rotterdam warehouse.


Little is known about the reporter other than he works for one of Rotterdam's leading tabloid newspapers.

He is a tall, well dressed man in a pen-striped suit, red tie and bowler hat. He had a cavalier amoral attitude as can be seen when he planned to buy the compromising photos that Rutgert Van Leuven had of the mayor, for publication in his newspaper.[1]



  • His disguise will allow 47 to gain entry into the Flaming Rotterdam stronghold as well as facilitate a meeting with the biker leader Rutgert. Unfortunately, time is of the essence, since killing him will lower the rating since he is a civilian and the sedative doesn't last forever.
  • He is the first reporter to make an appearance in the Hitman series, the second is Rick Henderson in Hitman: Blood Money.[2]
  • If the player knocks out the reporter and steals the money but not his clothes, he will still meet up with the biker leader. When the reporter fails to come up with the cash, the biker leader will execute him without affecting the player's rating at all.


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