Requiem is the 13th and final mission of Hitman: Blood Money.


  • All NPC's in the area.


Tracked by enemy operatives and law enforcement, 47 went to his hideout, where he was abruptly visited by Diana, who proposed a plan to help them escape the Franchise. As 47 began to read the briefing he was given, Diana injected him with a syringe. After a brief struggle, 47 succumbed to the serum and collapsed, apparently dead, whereas Diana left the site.

Diana, Alexander Leland Cayne (the former FBI director devoted to stopping 47), and reporter Rick Henderson attended 47's funeral, with Cayne welcoming Diana to the Franchise. After Cayne and Henderson turned around walked away, Diana placed 47's Silverballers on his chest, and, after she applied her lipstick, she kissed him on the lips - which applied the antidote for the fake-death serum she injected him with. Diana then left the church, and blocked the gates behind her. 47 awoke moments before his own cremation and eliminated all 14 witnesses, including Cayne and Henderson.

47 then escaped the "funeral" to continue working as a hitman.


Mission Briefing

Sorry 47. This was the only way. You would have fought them whatever I said and you would have lost. You're buying me one more night.


  • Kill Alexander Leland Cayne and all witnesses



  • AMT Hardballer - 47 Automatically starts with it, you will have no upgrade but dual wield.
  • SLP .40 - On the majority of Cayne's bodyguards.
  • MP7 - On some of Cayne's bodyguards.
  • Custom 1911 - On Cayne himself.

Melee weapons


  • This is the second mission in Hitman: Blood Money where the loading screen does not show the targets of the mission. The first one is Flatline, although that one shows the VIP of the mission.
  • If the player uses a stat-tracking program like Statman, they will find that Cayne's wheelchair is actually a sentient NPC, and will always count as a witness that can not be killed (unless it falls down the stairs to the south of the funeral room). This ruins Silent Assassin for Requiem, if the player still cares at this point.

White counterpart of Suit in Requiem

  • This is the only mission in Hitman: Blood Money in which 47 does not wear his usual Suit, being instead dressed in white for his cremation.
  • The Requiem Pack for HITMAN™ is inspired by Agent 47's suit for this mission. It includes the white suit and gloves that 47 wears during the mission, and the striped shirt and tie which 47 wears throughout the series. The tie, though, is considerably more lighter in color.
  • Requiem's prelude has the first instance of 47 using profanity in the Hitman series, as he yells "Bitch!" at Diana after she poisons him.
  • One of the agents in the crowd carries not only a stiletto, but also sometimes tosses an RU-AP mine at 47 as a grenade.
  • An alternate ending is present if the player does not refill 47's health bar with the movement controls—the antidote to the fake-death serum apparently fails to work, and 47 is cremated, forever eliminating any chance of a functional clone being produced. This is non-canon, as 47 reappears in Hitman: Absolution, after the events of this mission.
  • Everyone except you in the map will be marked as a target, regardless of the difficulty. This is unique in the Hitman series as well, although Redemption at Gontranno only contains VIPs and targets.
  • The church is supposed to resemble Jubilee Church in Rome, although there are differences in the layout, and the in-game church seems to be somewhere on the American upper east coast. It is also possible that the church is based on the private chapel of the "Palácio da Alvorada," Brazil's presidential palace.
  • This is the only mission in Hitman: Blood Money in which the Fiber Wire, poison or sedative syringes are not available, nor any available disguises.
  • Requiem is the first time in the series 47 has had black targets, as a few of Cayne's bodyguards are African-American.
  • Requiem is the only mission in Hitman: Blood Money where weapons cannot be collected for use in other missions or in the Hideout.
  • When 47 first awakens from his dead state and begins to stand up, the environment simulate a Last Man Standing scenario.
  • You are able to grab the priest as a human shield as you wake up. Simply wait for him to stand to 47's left and then stand up as usual. You will take the priest hostage and have one silverballer instead of two, though it will still be called "silverballers".
  • This mission is the only one that don't have a specific date to take place in, even so the date is never revealed.
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