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Rex Stanton's agent was the manager of 80s action movie star Rex Stanton. He appeared in A Vintage Year, the second mission in Hitman: Blood Money.

He was a major drug trafficker on the side, as he closes a deal with Manuel and even plans to see his father.


Don Fernando Delgado, owner of his famous Chillean vineyard and renowned cellist named his latest brand of wine after the movie star, who came to the wine unveilling. Fernando was killed during the unveiling by 47 and so was Manuel Delgado, who set up a drug deal with the agent. He is found in the vineyard talking to Manuel and Rex at the beginning of the mission. He is marked as an enemy and on being killed between the mission, the newspaper ratings would mention him as 'a security professional/official working for Fernando'


He is an older and fatter white male wearing a light blue Hawaiian shirt and tan pants. He has white long hair tied in a ponytail and also wears a necklace, a golden wristwear on his left wrist, and sunglasses above his head.



On the outside, he can almost always be seen next to or close to Rex Stanton. He will follow Manuel Delgado to the cocaine lab after Manuel talks to him.

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