Richard Delahunt is the US ambassador to the Vatican. He was involved in a prostitution ring with his friend and favourite opera actor named Alvaro D'Alvade. The ring included smuggling male and female children from Europe to France. He is killed by Agent 47 on March 17, 2004.


Hitman: Contracts

Delahunt's profile in Hitman: Contracts says that he is a "former Governor of Massachusetts, one-time presidential hopeful, and current ambassador to the Vatican". He was 57 years old when he died.

Secretly, his former political allies decided to informally exile him there after finding out he was running a child prostitution ring. It's implied that these same politicians were the ones to hire Agent 47 to kill Delahunt. US ambassadors are appointed by the president (Tom Stewart) and approved by senators, implicating them.

Hitman: Blood Money

Delahunt spends every second of his spare time with opera singer and implied lover Alvaro D'Alvade, whether socializing as close friends or watching his singing "with a sordid fascination bordering on obsession". D'Alvade is secretly Delahunt's #1 customer, since reestablishing the operation in eastern Europe.

Delahunt was also a friend of Albert Fournier, the only target who appears in Hunter and Hunted.



  • Occasionally, Delahunt will stand up between D'Alvade's performances or lean on the balcony this can help you snipe him without a sniper, use low velocity ammo and a silencer to avoid too much attention. This tactic will also prevent you from killing his bodyguard behind him.
  • It is possible to sneak into his booth by creating a distraction and causing the guards to open the door for you. However, disguised or not, he will immediately recognize you as an assassin and run away.
  • Very few American politicians, especially those who run for president, sport facial hair. The last presidential nominee to have facial hair was Thomas E. Dewey, and his highly unexpected loss to Harry S. Truman in 1948 is sometimes partially blamed on his mustache.
  • Delahunt and D'Alvade met their deaths on March 17, 2004, (which is in fact Saint Patrick's Day.)
  • He is the second ambassador (the first one being the German Ambassador) in the Hitman series to be marked as a target either by 47 or someone else. However in Invitation to a Party 47 can choose to save the German Ambassador from the Spetsnaz Agent who will kill him once he gets the suitcase from the safe. While in Curtains Down Delahunt is listed as an objective from the beginning thus requiring 47 to eliminate him in the mission.
  • US ambassadors to the Vatican have, since the creation of the position, always been Catholic, in order to represent the position's role in relations with the Catholic Church. It can therefore be assumed Delahunt is Catholic. 
  • If you swap the fake prop pistol for the real one, and watch the stage scene where the actor unknowingly fires a real bullet at D'Alvade and kills him, Delahunt will come running to the first floor, but trip halfway across the theatre room for no apparent reason, however if the player rigged an explosive on the chandelier, this presents an excellent opportunity to use it. This will be triggered too if you snipe Alvaro.

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