Richard Ekwensi (also known as "The Ex-Dictator") was an Elusive Target who appeared in the mission Club 27 November 1st to November 8th, 2016.


Richard Ekwensi is a dictator in exile. Educated in France as part of the nation's continuing post-colonial links, he became increasingly paranoid after taking up the reigns of power from his father. This culminated in a bloody massacre in the Kanhaar Valley where French military equipment was used against civilians. International opinion turned firmly against the Ekwensi regime, and he was removed from power in a short but decisive military campaign executed by a joint Chinese/NATO military force. The caretaker government appears stable, but the target no doubt entertains ambitions of a return to the presidential palace.


  • He appears to be based off Sese Mobutu, Dictator of Zaire (now the Congo)