Robert S. Dukes - new character, appearing in Hitman: Absolution. He is owner of gun shop. Meets only on mission "Birdie's Gift".


There isn't much information about this man. But a few obvious facts: 1 - he has a daughter whose name is Lily Dukes; 2 - He is the owner of the gun shop; 3 - he had cancer in his neck in a hole, and he can speak through a special device.

Interesting facts

  • He carries with him the code to the safe which holds the key from the container Silverballers.
    • And he has a second instance of the code in his personal bunker.
  • In fact he has two copies of the Mustang Snub. The first one is always with him, and the second is kept in his office.
  • He has his own bunker at the range. To get there you need to steal a key card from the counter. Inside the bunker there are few petrol cans and propane tanks, a huge supply of canned goods, Ultramax machine gun, a computer, a bed, a Notepad with the code from the box, evidence that radio and electric stove. Most likely he is preparing for the Apocalypse.


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