The Tactical SMG is a customizable version of the MP5 in Hitman: Blood Money. It is also concealable. Below is a list of available customizations. 



Upgrade Cost Effect
Low Velocity Ammo $50,000 Less recoil, less noise
Magnum Ammo $75,000 More damage, more recoil


Upgrade Cost Effect
Double Clip $150,000 Faster reload


Upgrade Cost Effect
Butt Stock 1 $50,000 Less recoil, more precision
Butt Stock 2 $50,000 Less recoil, more precision


Upgrade Cost Effect
Silencer Type 1 $100,000 Less noise, less damage
Silencer Type 2 $200,000 Least noise, less damage
Short barrel $100,000 More damage, less precision


Upgrade Cost Effect
Red dot sight $200,000 More zoom, most precision (requires rail mount)


Upgrade Cost Effect
Rail Mount $75,000 Required for red dot sight
Laser sight $150,000 More precision
Extra Ammo $75,000 Bigger capacity, more mags
Rapid fire $100,000 Faster rate of fire, more recoil


  • The short barrel upgrade makes the weapon look more like an MP5K, the MP5's compact variant.
  • The Tactical SMG features 25 round magazines, however in real life it has a 30 round capacity.
  • It is not recommended to use Magnum ammo combined with the Rapid fire upgrade to fire in full auto, as the recoil is rather strong, and your aim will be severely offset after the fourth shot.
  • Silence the SMG Tactical if you can, combine Low velocity ammo with it and you will get the quietest concealable automatic weapon in game.
  • Purchase the Low velocity Ammo will reduce the noise, even without silencer.
  • Adding the optic is a good option, it slightly increases your accuracy.

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