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The Saber is a sword-like item found in HITMAN™.


The Saber, like most other melee items found in HITMAN™, can be use as a distraction and weapon. You can toss it near an NPC to distract them, or use it in close combat (which results in an instant kill). The attack from behind takes less time than the front/side attacks; From the front, you'll slash the throat of the victim two times, while from the back, you only hit the head once. If you wish to remain undetected, you should only use the sword in quiet places, as it leaves a pool of blood behind.


The Showstopper

In order to find the saber, you have to enter Palais de Walewska through the main entrance. When inside, go through the first left door. Be mindful that a guard is standing by the door, as it is a restricted area.

When through the door, you'll find yourself in a Napoleon exhibition. Walk straight forward to the windows. There you'll find two swords in a cabinet of glass. You need to break the glass in order to obtain the saber.

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