Samantha is a minor character in Hitman: Blood Money, seen in the mission A House of Cards.


Hitman: Blood Money

Samantha is located outside room 703 in the Shamal Hotel & Casino, extremely intoxicated. When interacting with her, she invites Agent 47 to her room.

After she leads him in, she attempts an erotic dance before eventually passing out, after which 47 can take her room keycard and use her room as a vantage point.

As with NPCs Agent 47 can sedate, she will not awaken for the entirety of the level after passing out, even if Agent 47 uses a weapon in her room that isn't silenced.



  • Her balcony can best be used for sniping both Hendrik Schmutz and Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa.
  • When Agent 47 steps into the room, a man will come running, and try to get in to find out what is happening. It is unknown who he is because he is usually in another hotel room. Interestingly, this same man can be found in the bathroom earlier in the mission, and tends to remain there unless there's a disturbance in Samantha's room.

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