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Sanguine is one of the world's leading fashion labels with a long tradition. The company has headquarters in Paris, London, New York City, Moscow and Tokyo.



At some point, the company was bought by former Russian oligarch Viktor Novikov and his partner Dalia Margolis, who used it to get to know more about the global elite. They used Sanguine models as Trojan horses to infiltrate companies or organisations (like Highmoore Consulting or The Church of Ascendants) to find vulnerable information they could sell to the highest bidder as part of their secret IAGO program.

After Novikov's death, fashion designer Sebastian Sato, who was blackmailed and forced by Novikov to work for Sanguine, quit, and can be found in A Gilded Cage.


  • There's a Sanguine fashion shop in Sapienza.
  • In Club 27, many Sanguine shopping bags can be seen around the Himmapan Hotel.
  • "Sanguine" is French for "hematite", a type of iron ore, and "blood orange".[1]


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