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Sergei Larin (also known as "The Forger") was an elusive target in HITMAN™ who first appeared on May 13th-May 15th 2016 then reappeared on November 17th -November 27th 2017 in the mission The Showstopper.


Sergei Larin is the artist trophy-husband of Simone Larin. Their relationship is strained with Sergei presenting himself in public as "Baron Larin, the owner of Palais de Walewska," when in fact, he is nothing of the sort.

A talented artist with an obsession for Napoleon, Larin has been linked to art broker Sir Howard Moxon who specializes in selling perfect forgeries to the rich and famous. As such, the ICA suspected that Larin had been copying and selling his wife's heirlooms for several years, and that almost no originals remain on the palace walls.

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