The Shangri La Garden is a location that appears in Hitman: Absolution.


The Shangri La Garden is an apartment complex and is part of the setting for the mission "Run For Your Life", in which Agent 47 escapes from Chicago PD officers. After fleeing from a nearby library, 47 enters the apartment complex, from which he exits the level. The building is run and, apparently, for the most part inhabited by hippies, who use the apartment space to grow marijuana.

The Shangri La Garden mostly consists of derelict, dirty apartments, some of which have been repainted in bright colors in a rainbow pattern and with hippie imagery such as peace signs. There are also a lot of signposts with slogans like "Peace!" and "Make Love, Not War" lying around. In one part of the building, there is a small disco and something called "Jonah's Spa", which is just a bathtub in a mostly wall-less room.

Unfortunately for Shangri La and its inhabitants, the search for Agent 47 led the police to search every building in the vicinity of the immolated Terminus Hotel and the long-abandoned library next door. As 47 makes his way through the complex, many of the police will be too busy interrogating or searching the hapless hippies to bother searching for him. The commune's ultimate fate remains unknown.


  • Part of the Shangri La Garden was seen in the 2011 preview of Run For Your Life. A larger part of it was seen in the 2012 Contracts Mode Playthrough.



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