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The Shark Club (Also known as both Club Heaven and Club Hell) is a club.


The Shark Club is located in Las Vegas, and hosted by Vaana Ketlyn. The club plays host to thematic Heaven and Hell parties on the top and bottom floors of the building.

Club Heaven

Heaven is a more serene setting, with angelic music and a calmer atmosphere. Guests stand around with cocktails and engage in conversation, and listen to Eve sing when she performs. When Eve performs at the stage, she sings a song, from the real existing band, "Swan Lee". The song is called "Tomorrow Never Dies".

Club Heaven Gallery

Club Hell

Hell is a raunchier, rave featuring hard industrial techno music and devilish imagery. Hell consists of multiple storage rooms, a bar, a room marked "Torture Chamber" that is used by Maynard John, and a lower level dance floor. The dance floor has a large fishtank built around it where Sharks can be freely seen swimming in. These sharks will devour bodies that have fallen into the tank.

Club Hell Gallery


  • The song that can be heard playing in the Hell section of the club is Slasher by Institute for the Criminally Insane.
  • The song Eve sings in Heaven is Tomorrow Never Dies by Swan Lee.
  • In the newspaper clipping at the end of the hit on three targets at the Shamal hotel, an advertisement for the Heaven and Hell parties can be seen in the lower right corner. This also shows stylized versions of Eve and Maynard John. This is the first foreshadowing clue as to who will be hunting Agent 47 in the next level.
  • Shamal Hotel, the location the previous hit took place, can be seen outside or through the window, however, you cannot see the club while you are in that mission.
  • The mask that Agent 47 is wearing in the Heaven section is very similar to the mask that Vega from the fighting series Street Fighter is wearing.
  • The mask that Anthony Martinez is wearing is remarkably similar to a large devil head adorning the wall where the Lawyer is to be burned alive in the very first mission, albeit another color. 

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