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Disambig This article is about mission rating. For game of the same title, see Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

Silent Assassin (commonly abbreviated to "SA") is the highest rating players can obtain at the end of a mission, after completing it with flawless stealth and with little to no aggression.

The rating feature (along with the silent assassin rating) came first in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, but made an appearance in Hitman: Codename 47 as the expenses system.

Hitman: Codename 47

How to obtain

While not fully in Hitman: Codename 47, the player gets cash deducted from their paycheck due to how much of a "mess" they cause in that mission. The cost is minimal when the player kills only who they need to kill. The player can also lose the ability to use weapons, due to how much of a "mess" they make in the previous mission.

In order to obtain "silent assassin" in Codename 47, the player must:

  • Fire minimal shots possible.
  • Not raise attention (killing large crowds of people).
  • Kill no civilians (the player can kill civilians necessary to complete the mission, but with a $1,000 penalty).

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

How to obtain

In order to obtain the "silent assassin" rating in Silent Assassin, the player must:

  • Have no more than one alert.
  • Fire no more than one shot.
  • Kill no civilians.
  • Kill no more than one guard.

Hitman: Contracts

How to obtain

In order to obtain "silent assassin" in Hitman: Contracts, the player must:

  • Cause no more than two alerts.
  • Fire no more than two shots.
  • Kill no civilians.
  • Kill no more than one guard.

Hitman: Blood Money

How to obtain

While Hitman: Blood Money's Silent Assassin system mostly is the same throughout all difficulties, the player gains certain requirements when playing a higher difficulty. They will be marked with (NORMAL+) in front of them.

In order to obtain "silent assassin" in Blood Money, the player must:

  • Not blow their cover.
    • The player's cover is blown when guards are attacking the player.
    • The player's cover can not be blown while wearing the Suit
  • Acquire no witnesses.
    • Any NPC who sees the player doing anything incriminating (such as picking locks, attacking, holding a weapon, etc) will become a witness.
    • Animals can also become witnesses.
    • Getting caught trespassing will not result in witnesses.
    • Getting caught on camera in the act will not result in witnesses. However, guards who are monitoring the camera will immediately run towards the camera's location and attack the player on sight.
  • Not get recorded on camera.
    • The player can steal the video tape to void this.
  • Not harm or kill anyone but the targets.
    • Accident kills are exempted.
    • Human shields who are killed by guards are exempted.
    • Harming or killing animals are exempted.
    • Unarmed combat (pushing, headbutting, punching, disarming) does not count as harming.
    • Sedating and knocking out NPCs does not count as harming.
  • Not allow weapons to be detected during a frisk.
    • Hiding weapons inside other objects (such as crates) will render them undetectable.
    • The player's rifle case can be upgraded to make the W2000 sniper rifle undetectable.
  • Leave no evidence. (NORMAL+)
    • The player's suit and custom weapons count as evidence. Anything else, including the player's rifle case, does not.
    • Payment will be deducted at the end of the mission if evidence is left at the scene.
  • Not let bodies be found. (NORMAL+)
    • Bodies of accident kills are exempted.
    • Bodies of animals are exempted.

Hitman: Absolution

How to obtain

While Blood Money's Silent Assassin system is based on how careful the player is in their mission directly, Hitman: Absolution's Silent Assassin system is based on the same methods, but in how many points the player achieves in gameplay. The player will receive a points multiplier based on the difficulty. The difficulties are categorized by Enhanced (Easy/Normal), and Professional (Hard/Expert/Purist). The player can also complete challenges to receive points multipliers (Normal+ Difficulty).

While silent assassin is the best rank possible, due to the ways some levels are built, the player can only achieve the preceding rank, "shadow," or the preceding of that, "professional."

To obtain enough points to earn silent assassin/shadow/professional in Absolution, the player must:

  • Only kill targets (killing targets with accident kills [or even using Fiber Wire] gives the "Signature Kill" bonus).
    • If the player kills an NPC with a silenced weapon (using the AMT Hardballer for example), they will get a "Silent Kill" bonus.
  • Not be spotted (Neither kill civilians. Doing this will give a high "Civilian Casualty" penalty).
  • Hide all bodies (Hiding bodies after pacifying a non-target will negate the point loss, but doesn't give enough for a non-target kill).
  • Collecting all evidence.
  • (ENHANCED: NORMAL+) Increasing the difficulty. (Gives a point multiplier, with Purist giving the highest, and Expert being second, as Expert gives 100%, while Purist gives 150%.)
  • (ENHANCED: NORMAL+) Completing challenges.


How to obtain

As of HITMAN™, the silent assassin system has returned, similarly to Blood Money's procedure.

To obtain "silent assassin" in HITMAN™, the player must:

  • Only kill targets.
  • Not get spotted.
  • Have no witnesses.
  • Not get caught on camera.
    • If caught, destroy the recordings.
  • No Bodies Found.
    • Targets killed with accidents or poison are allowed to be found.
  • Prevent non-target kills (non-target kills with accidents ruin the rating).


  • In Silent Assassin and its sequel Contracts, the player is awarded with special weapons (such as silenced SMGs) for achieving a silent assassin rating, along with any weapons they pick up in the mission itself.
  • In Blood Money, if the player achieves Silent Assassin, the player will receive the maximum possible payment, along with no notoriety gains, if playing on Normal difficulty and above.
  • In HITMAN™, completing one Elusive Target with the silent assassin rating unlocks the Terminus suit, and completing five with silent assassin unlocks the Winter suit.


  • Silent Assassin is the most sought-after rating of players in the series. Additionally, several unofficial ratings, such as "Pro" (completing the mission on Professional difficulty), "Suit Only" (completing the mission only in the player's suit), "All Zeros" (all numerical rating stats are at zero, except for accidents) and "Accidents Only" (all targets are killed by accidents) are often included to offer a challenge to experienced players.
  • In Absolution, the player's score for a mission will be placed on an online leader-board, where friends can compare scores for that level.
  • Contracts Mode in both Absolution and HITMAN™ puts the player's score on a worldwide leader-board, for that contract.
  • In Blood Money, the inability of 47 to get his cover blown in his suit allows him to trespass restricted areas (and even getting shot at because of it) and still get away with a Silent Assassin rating. 


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