The Six Shooter is a handgun commonly used by the guests of Hank Leitch Muldroon's marriage.


The revolver is only found during the mission Till Death Do Us Part, but it is very common; almost every male civilian NPC, as well as Hank Leich carries one. The easiest way to acquire one without killing anyone would be to wait for one of the drunk guests to enter one of the buildings near the docks and pass out (he will have the Six Shooter and a party invitation on him)..


Despite the popularity throughout the level, the weapon is relatively weak, and, tied with the fact that it can only hold six rounds and is unsilenced, makes that gun not overly effective for the mission or combat, making one of the only uses for the gun to be to unlock the "All Firearms Collected" achievement.



  • The gun is based on the Beretta Laramie. This is further evidenced by the game claiming it runs as single action.
  • It is a large caliber handgun, however it is weak in game.
  • The game lists the Six Shooter as a single-action weapon, but it fires in double-action.

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