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The Southland Amusement Park is a decrepit amusement park which was previously ran and owned by Joseph Clarence before his death. It is located in Baltimore, Maryland in the U.S.A.


The once-booming amusement park fell under after a ferris wheel malfunction became the sole cause of many injuries and deaths. The subsequent lawsuits forced the park, and Clarence, into bankruptcy. After becoming bankrupt, Clarence was approached by Scoop and agreed to allow the gangster to use the former amusement park grounds to manufacture drugs, under the assumption that Scoop would cut him in on the profits. Unfortunately, Clarence was mistaken and Scoop chose not to cut Clarence in, resulting in the former amusement park owner becoming increasingly stressed.


With the park being closed down after the ferris wheel massacred innocent citizens, it came into disrepair. The park began to wear down over time; paint chipped, the rides and attractions wore down, and there was a considerable amount of damage done to the interior. There is a lot of trash, boxes, and drugs in the park.


  • Joseph Clarence
  • Scoop
  • Scoop gang members
  • Drug lab workers


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