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St. Petersburg Revisited
St. Petersburg Revisited
In-game information
Targets: Sergei Zavorotko
VIPs: None
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Chronological information
Preceded by: Terminal Hospitality
Succeeded by: Redemption at Gontranno
Real-world information
Game: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Small Hitman Emblem There is a walkthrough available for this mission; see this page.

St. Petersburg Revisited is the 20th and penultimate mission of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. 47 has returned to his garden shed after dealing with the cult in India. But now, his next assignment requires him to return to St. Petersburg, Russia and deal with Sergei Zavorotko once and for all.


  • Sergei Zavorotko

Mission briefingEdit

H2SA - St. Petersburg Revisited - TV Report

TV Report on Sergei Zavorotko's stolen nuclear arms

47 — this is Diana. There's been an unexpected turn of events involving our recurring client, Sergei Zavorotko. It appears that he is the terrorist whose nuclear arms got stolen by the Indian cult.

The UN has reasons to believe that Sergei is dealing in vast amount of nuclear and chemical arms.

The UN has no mandate to handle such contingencies - but they still want to eliminate this world terrorist, so this is where we come into the picture.

It's very much against our principals to perform a hit on a former customer — but considering the potential business from the UN, we're making an exception in this case.

And since you already know the area - and you are our top performer in the trade - we have chosen you to carry out this mission.

Sergei is still occupying the same office in St. Petersburg, where you carried out the first mission for us, coming out from retirement.

He's very paranoid by now - check your map, refresh your memory and retrace your steps there.

Upon arrival with the metro you will find your equipment in locker # 137 at the station. Your escape route is returning with the train.

47, I repeat — take out our former client Sergei Zavorotko in his office on the 2nd floor in the Zaitsev building on Pushkin Plaza - same place, same procedure — good luck!


When 47 gets out of the train, he goes outside to the building where Sergei is meant to be, but he finds Agent 17. You can sneak to him with a fiber wire and kill him. 47 picks 17's radio and Sergei is heard on it talking. He tells 47 that Vittorio is kiddnaped, 47 tells him to keep Vittorio out of that situation, then he throws the speaker.


  • Kill Sergei Zavorotko (gets cancelled later) {have to kill Agent 17}
  • Escape to the metro


(Although the player is not allowed to choose any weapons for this mission besides the default fiber wire, it is possible to replay the mission with any previously collected weapons once 47 reaches the exit of the mission with the W2000 sniper rifle).


  • Red Jumpsuit
  • Civilian
  • FSB Agent
  • Agent 17


St. Petersburg Revisted Map


Hitman 2 Silent assassin - St14:00

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - St. Petersburg Revisited


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