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St. Petersburg Stakeout
St. Petersburg Stakeout
In-game information
Targets: Russian Army General
VIPs: Sergei Zavorotko
Mikhail Bardachenko
Vladimir Zhupikov
Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Chronological information
Preceded by: Anathema
Succeeded by: Kirov Park Meeting
Real-world information
Game: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Small Hitman Emblem There is a walkthrough available for this mission; see this page.

St. Petersburg Stakeout is the 3rd mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Set in St. Petersburg, Russia, 47 has to eliminate an unidentified Russian Army General with a 5 minute time limit to do the mission, forcing him to identify the target on the spot and execute him on the allotted time.

Target: ​Right-handed, heavy drinker, non-smoker, bald Russian Army General


H2SA - St. Petersburg Stakeout - Photo -1 (Varosnij Square)

Photo #1 - Varosnij Square

47Diana here. Sorry that you had so little luck at the mansion. It's really hard to tell where Vittorio was taken. We lost track of him at the airport.
The Agency does, however, feel that we fulfilled our end of the deal, and expect you to comply with the terms by completing a minor assignment at St. Petersburg.
Your objective is to take out and ex-KGB officer, participating in a secret meeting, solely arranged so that you can take a clean shot at this officer.
The meeting is taking place at 1300 hours today in the Pushkin Building on Varosnij Square. The room is on the 2nd floor in the west wing, overlooking the square. The windows are marked on the attached image.
The building is the former FSB headquarters, and can only be accessed from the square. There's one main entrance and a back entrance - both heavily guarded by FSB paramilitary personnel.
The target must be eliminated during the meeting, which is scheduled to last 5 minutes.
Absolutely nobody in the meeting room except the target must be harmed. This is very important, 47.
Upon arrival by metro you will find your equipment paraphernalia in locker # 137 at the station. Your escape route is returning with the train.
Avoid all contacts with soldiers and guards. They are instructed to remove any civilians from the area.


  • Kill the General at the meeting.
  • Don't harm any people else attending the meeting.
  • Return to the subway train waiting for you to escape.

Weapons GivenEdit

Disguises AvailableEdit

  • Soldier
  • Civilian
  • FSB Agent


St. Petersburg Stakeout Map


  • 47 can roam freely while in the mission as long as he is not close to the Pushkin Building or holding a weapon.


Hitman 2 Silent assassin - St17:05

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - St. Petersburg Stakeout


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