The Suit is the signature apparel adorned by Agent 47 in almost all of his appearances throughout the Hitman series.


Hitman Absolution Suit

The suit seen in Absolution.

The original instance was first seen in a room next to Agent 47's during Training, as a clothing prepared by Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer to replace Agent 47's patient clothing. However, to escape the asylum, he needed to disguise as an orderly, thus he abandoned the suit in favor of an orderly outfit.

One year later, Agent 47 managed to acquire a similar style of clothing, and from that point on, used it as his most preferred clothes during missions. By the time of Hitman: Absolution, he is well acquainted with Chicago tailor Tommy Clemenza and trusts him enough to not disclose his true identity of "Mr. 47."


Hitman: Codename 47 - Blood Money

Thought Hitman: Codename 47 to Hitman: Blood Money, Agent 47's suit is a black, two button notch lapel two piece suit. In Blood Money, it's donned with a white shirt adorned with thin, black, intersecting lines, a red tie with thin yellow stripes, and black leather gloves.

The suit, in Blood Money, is apparently custom tailored at the price of $5,000, as indicated by the penalty for failing to retrieve it from a mission.

Hitman: Absolution

In Absolution, Agent 47 wears a similar black notch lapel two piece suit. According to in-game text, the suit only has one button, though animation depicts it with the traditional two. He complements it with a plain white cotton French cuff shirt.

He usually wears a solid red tie, but can occasionally be seen with a black one, or no tie at all. He also wears his traditional black leather gloves, though of a slightly different configuration than previous games. His tie clip and cuff-links bear the "Hitman Insignia." It is revealed late in the game that the suits are made by a man named Tommy Clemenza, who runs a tailor shop in Chicago.

DLC Suits

In addition to the normal suit, Agent 47 can also wear various other suits in Contracts Mode:

  • High Tech Suit (pre-ordered from Amazon or as DLC) - A dark grey, futuristic, military-style jacket with a body armor underneath. It gives a 50% armor bonus to Agent 47.[1] The pre-order also includes the Bartoli Custom, a heavily modified handgun with a built-in scope and suppressor.
  • High Roller Suit (pre-ordered from Walmart or as DLC) - A black James Bond-styled tuxedo with black gloves. The pre-order also includes the Krugermeier 2-2, a suppressed handgun which debuted in Silent Assassin.
  • Public Enemy Suit (pre-ordered from Best Buy or as DLC) - A charcoal grey pinstripe three piece suit with a white shirt and red silk tie. Unlike other suits which Agent 47 wears, this suit is worn with a fedora. Its appearance is akin to the 1930s or 1940s Chicago "gangster" style. The pre-order also includes the Bronson M1928 (a Tommy gun-styled weapon, common among the "gangster" stereotype).
  • Adam Jensen Suit (available as DLC) - The suit worn by Adam Jensen, the protagonist of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It provides an armor bonus against firearms, the specific percentage unknown. There is a matching Steiner-Bisley Zenith handgun that can also be bought with it.


In HITMAN™, Agent 47 wears a more simplified version of his normal suit, dubbed the "Signature Suit." It's a black jacket and pants, white shirt, and a solid burgundy tie, lacking gloves all other suits have.

The suit is one of the default suits that the player can choose in the preparation stage before starting a mission, without having to unlock it.

In addition, the mission planning screen allows players to choose from a variety of other suits, unlocked by different means. The unique versions of level-specific suits can be used in every level, unlike their default counterparts:

DLC Suits

  • Requiem Suit (pre-order bonus or as DLC) - Featuring a white suit jacket and pants, a white striped shirt, red and gold tie, along with white gloves and shoes. Unlike most of the suits, this one is buttoned. The DLC is bundled with the ICA19-Chrome, and The Pale Duck explosive.

Elusive Target Suits

  • Absolution Suit (finish five Elusive Targets) - Featuring a black suit jacket and pants, white shirt, a red tie with tie clip, and black leather gloves. There used to be a small drop of blood just above the left glove, but this was later removed. Whether the removed aspect is stylistic is unknown.
  • Blood Money Suit (finish ten Elusive Targets) - Featuring a black suit jacket and pants, with the white, black striped shirt and gold/red tie, almost identical to Agent 47's suit from Blood Money.
  • Agent 47's Signature Suit and Gloves (finish thirteen elusive targets) - A gloved variation of the default "Signature Suit."
  • Terminus (finish one Elusive Target w/ Silent Assassin) - The messy, torn suit from Absolution's Terminus mission. It has a damaged and burned look, the collar is pulled up, and Agent 47 has a bloodied band-aid covering his barcode.
  • Winter Suit (finish five Elusive Target w/ Silent Assassin) - A normal suit with a large, black duster with the suit underneath buttoned up, finished with black gloves.
  • Location Unique Suits (finish an Elusive Target in a location) - The Tuxedo, Italian Suit, Summer Suit and Casual Suit earn gloved variants, the Tactical Gear suit gains a hat, and Hokkaido unlocks a white variation of the V.I.P. robe.

Challenge Suits

  • Santa 47 (complete all Holiday Hoarders Challenges) - A red Santa Claus suit with circular glasses, a white wig and large, white, fake beard.

Game of the Year Suits

  • Corky The Clown (GOTY Edition/Upgrade) - A silly clown suit, based on Corky the Clown, an NPC from the mission A New Life from Blood Money. Bundled with A New Bat, which if carried while wearing the disguise is non-suspicious.
  • Cowboy (GOTY Edition/Upgrade) - A blue/purple "cowboy" suit with albino alligator boots, sunglasses and a solid white cowboy hat. Bundled with the Striker pistol.
  • Raven (GOTY Edition/Upgrade) - A black/charcoal colored suit with a gray duster, that seems to draw inspiration from Absolution's "High Tech Suit." Bundled with the Sieger 300 Ghost.

Definitive Edition Suits

  • Futo Suit (Definitive Edition) - A black Ninja outfit consisting of a shelveless Keikogi with pants, a domino mask and hand wraps. The outfit is based on Futo, a character from Mini Ninjas.
  • Lynch Suit (Definitive Edition) - Blue pants and an undershirt combined with sunglasses.  The outfit is based on Lnych, a character from the Kane & Lynch series.
  • Freedom Phantom Suit (Definitive Edition) - A ragged blue jeans with patches, a green shirt and a grey vest. The outfit is based on the “Freedom Phantom” Christopher Stone, the protagonist of Freedom Fighters.

Hitman 2 (2018)

In the new Hitman game, 47 wears a suit similar to his absolution suit, however without a tieclip.

Missions Without The Suit

Most of the time, Agent 47 prefers to start a mission in his suit, but in a select few cases, he does not:

Hitman: Codename 47

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Absolution


Due to the new planning menu, it's possible to choose 47's starting suit. Each location has an unique default suit, which cannot be worn in other levels. Each mission also allows to start "undercover", meaning that 47 starts in a specific disguise.


Hitman: Contracts

Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Absolution


Due to the amount of suits in HITMAN™, a spoiler tag has been used to condense the gallery.

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Some suits are not usable, but their images could be found in the game's files.


  • In Contracts' gameplay, the tie is solid red. However, in the level loading screens, the tie has gold and black stripes, fitting more with Blood Money's style.
  • In Blood Money, Agent 47 wears his suit jacket unbuttoned in less formal settings, such as A Vintage Year, and wears it buttoned in more formal settings, such as A House of Cards.
  • In Hitman: Sniper Challenge, Agent 47 removes his blazer, wearing only his shirt, tie and holsters. However when he reloads the sniper, the tie becomes invisible.
  • After One of a Kind in Absolution, Agent 47'a suit dons a white handkerchief in the front pocket.
  • On the PC format cover, Agent 47 is shown with a popped collar and no tie. This outfit is only seen in the brief cinematic of Run For Your Life when Agent 47 pushes the wardrobe in front of the door. This is not the same outfit as the one in Shaving Lenny, as this outfit has a popped collar.
  • Agent 47 wears his original suit for less than half of Absolution.
  • Agent 47's suit was also released as DLC for the third-person shooter game Sleeping Dogs as part of a "Square Enix Character Pack," along with a suppressed Silverballer.
  • In missions Birdie's Gift and Welcome to Hope even though Agent 47 is wearing the priest disguise the inventory selection of the disguise still states that it's Agent 47's suit.