The Swiss 3000 is a pistol in Hitman: Absolution.


"Swiss 3000 pistols offer an unparalleled combination of high workmanship, top class accuracy and reliability in an almost indestructible all-steel design."

Can be dual-wielded. The Swiss 3000 is rare in game, often it is the weapon of choice for high-ranking ICA personal, while most others prefer JAGD P22G as semi-auto sidearm.



  • Agency Swiss 3000: Carried by Jade Nguyen. Possess the same color scheme as Travis' Swiss 3000.
  • Travis' Swiss 3000: Carried by Benjamin Travis. Possesses an earth colored slide and frame, gun-metal gray iron sights and safety mechanism, and a yellow handle. On the frame below the slide is a triangular ICA emblem.



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