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Taheiji Koyama is a special target in HITMAN™. He is one of the Sarajevo Six, a group of war criminals targeted by the International Contract Agency.


Taheiji Koyama, known as "The Controller" is the final member of the 1990s Sigma team. His role on the team was as logistics and operations coordination, and his meticulous attention to every detail enabled Sigma operations to go off without a hitch in even the most chaotic of situations. Known as a man who always had a backup plan for when his primary plan failed, Koyama retired from CICADA in 1998.

He moved to a small estate in the mountains of the Nagano Prefecture. In recent years, he has dedicated himself to various philanthropic pursuits, including support for war-crimes victims across Asia.

A year ago, he was diagnosed with Elyen's Syndrome, an extremely rare genetic disorder, but chose not to seek medical treatment, although he could well afford it, choosing rather to continue to support various charities.

Approximately two weeks after the receipt of the Sigma contracts, he abruptly pulled all support from all of the charities he had formerly supported, and had himself moved to the Gama facility in Hokkaido, where the most advanced medical facilities in the world are fighting a losing battle against his degenerating health.

Notable traits

After retiring from CICADA in 1998, he began a more benevolent role with his life, supporting various charities and helping th unfortunates of the world. Even though he has a genetic disease, that is killing him and he can easily afford treatments, he choose not to, suggesting that guilt and remorse have begun to haunt him. Even though he knew of the deaths of the other Sarajevo Six's members, he choose not to increase his security. This indicates that he actually awaited and probably welcomed 47 to come and ending his life.


  • If he is subdued, he appears to say "Thank You" before he is knocked out/killed.

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