Tariq Abdul Lateef was a scientist and the real brains behind APRIX. He was dispatched by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Faisal Al-Khalifa to verify the authenticity of Hendrik Schmutz's merchandise, and also to transport Schmutz's payment to the meeting. He was killed by Agent 47 in the midst of the deal.


He was the chief scientist at APRIX International, a global corporation in the pharmaceutical industry. He accompanied the Sheikh when he set up a meeting with Afrikaner Hendrik Schmutz in the Shamal hotel in Las Vegas. He arrived at the Shamal after some time, and took the elevator to his hotel suite (room 803).

Schmutz offerd DNA samples to Al-Khalifa's company while the Sheikh offerd a suitcase filled with blood diamonds. It was Lateef's job to verify and transport the samples. He was the one who brought the suitcase and handed it over to the Afrikaner.

On the day of the meeting (June 9, 2005) Lateef was assassinated by Agent 47.


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