The U'wa idol (referred to as golden idol in the mission briefing and as Tchiectzhelux by the U'wa tribe) is a religious statue made of pure gold and is precious to the U'wa tribe, who worship it as much as they do to the U'wa jungle god.

It is an item that only appears in the mission Find the U'Wa Tribe, which requires Agent 47 to retrieve and return it to the tribe.


  • Height: about 20"
  • Weight: about 40 lbs

Origin unknown. Believed to be prehistoric artifact. The idol depicts a rainforest deity. Purportedly vital for the tribe's fertility and survival in the forest. It's origin is lost, but legend has it that it symbolizes an event that took place in prehistoric times.


Pablo Ochoa stole some local native American sacred statues to be used for drug smuggling, in which U'wa idol is one of them. A few days before the start of the mission, the plane which brought it, crashed in a Columbian jungle near Ochoa's camp, thus he ordered his henchmen to retrieve the idol. Meanwhile, Agent 47, whose mission is to eliminate Ochoa, was also sent to take and return it to the U'wa tribe in exchange for a secret route to Ochoa's camp.

47 succeeded in getting the idol before Ochoa's men and returned it safely to the U'wa tribe, who were delighted with the return of the precious idol. In exchange, the tribe gave 47 access to Ochoa's camp via a hidden tunnel guarded by the U'wa jungle god.