Ted Cooper was an English assassin who appeared in Hitman: Enemy Within.


Ted Cooper was a "retired" member of the British Royal Marines. Trained at the British Army's Joint Sniper Training Establishment, he had six confirmed kills while serving in Iraq, though he kept the bodycount a secret in case Islamic militants found out and would seek revenge. In Hitman: Enemy Within, he is hired by Puissance Treize, the ICA's rival organization, to assassinate Agent 47 in Morocco to protect one of Puissance Treize's board members, Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani. He is armed with an L96 and supervised by Cassandra Murphy, a Puissance Treizeoperative who served as Al-Fulani's bodyguard under the alias "Marla Norton". They set up a trap in front of Al-Fulani's house, waiting for 47 to appear to do reconnaissance. He eventually shows up, disguised as a German tourist, but so does an innocent bystander who looks a lot like him. Unable to tell which is 47, Murphy commands Cooper to shoot both. Unfortunately, he is only able to hit one, the actual tourist, while 47 is able to escape before Cooper can get a clear shot on him. Furious at his failure, Murphy shoots him to death.

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