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Temple City Ambush is the 17th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, set in India. It is the 1st of a 3 part mission, culminating in the hit on the leaders of a sacred cult based in India. It looks like the Sikh doomsday cult has stolen the warheads. It's time to go through three missions, leading to the destruction of the cult, just like the Japan missions.

Target: None


47 — this is Agency, Diana speaking. Your mission is to gain access to the sacred cult through a secret passage from behind one of the shops.

Our client was doublecrossed in Afghanistan — that chopper plus cargo was stolen by this cult. And now he wants you to retrieve it.

We have some information that a couple of thugs are on the prowl inside looking for suspicious foreigner — so check your map and watch your step.

You'll find your contact inside in the "International Parcel Service". He will have more info on your mission.

Be careful, 47 — rumor has it there's a very powerful foe lurking in the shadows somewhere close to the cult leader, wherever he is.

47, I repeat — dodge the assassins, find your contact, and he'll brief you on further mission details.


  • Meet with the Agency's contact
  • Meet Agent Smith
  • The Agent must survive (completed)
  • Kill the assassins and photograph their bodies
  • Escape through one of the shops


  • Snub Nosed Revolver - Carried by all of the guards.
  • R93 Sniper - Carried by two of the assassins.
  • SP12 Shotgun - Laying by your initial contact and inside a small storage unit with several large bags north of the west open market area.
  • 9mm Pistol SD - Carried by one of the assassins.
  • MP5 - Carried by one of the assassins.
  • SMG-SD6 - Carried by the purple turban guard.
  • Desert Eagle - Inside Agent Smith's office.


  • Cult Member
  • Indian male


Temple City Ambush Map


Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Temple City Ambush17:43

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Temple City Ambush


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