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Terminal Hospitality is the 19th mission in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Set in a remote hospital island in India, it is the 3rd and last of 3 parts mission of the hit on the leaders of a sacred cult based in India.

Having killed one of the sacred cult's leaders, Hannelore von Kamprad, now Agent 47 has to kill the other one, Deewana Ji.

Target: Deewana Ji

Mission briefing

H2SA - Terminal Hospitality - Photo (Nurse)

A photo of a nurse who works in the hospital

47 — this is Diana. Your mission is to find the cult leader Deewana Ji and eliminate him — he's presently committed to the hospital to undergo heart surgery.

He needs a new heart and a pacemaker.

The complex consists of the hospital itself as well as Shiva Temple, reserved for devotional and religious practices for the top members there.

The hospital has different floors with sick wards and treatment units.

You will find a package in Dr. Chakran's office with equipment that will help you complete this mission. I repeat, 47 — collect the package, find the cult leader and kill him.



  • Uzi - Carried by some of the guards.
  • MP5 - Carried by a small number of the guards.
  • Desert Eagle - Carried by most of the guards plus one inside the temple.
  • R93 Sniper - Inside the temple.
  • AK-74 - Carried by a small number of the guards plus three inside the temple.
  • Anaesthetic - Inside the room next door to Dr. Chakran's office.
  • Scalpel - In a couple of offices in the basement.


  • Cult member
  • Guard
  • Doctor
  • Patient


Terminal Hospitality Map


Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Terminal Hospitality20:13

Hitman 2 Silent assassin - Terminal Hospitality



  • This mission can be compared to Situs Inversus; both missions take place in a exclusive hospital and Erich Soders and Deewana Ji both need a heart sugery.
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