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The Crows were an elite group of assassins affiliated with the Franchise.

Known leaders of this group included Mark Parchezzi III and Mark Purayah II. Members of the Crows included the assassins Raymond Kulinsky, Angelina Mason and Billy Jack.


The Crows have conducted many high profile assassinations on behalf of the Franchise, including the attempted murders of Jimmy Macklin, Secretary of the Interior (see "The Murder of Crows"), and U.S. President Tom Stewart (see "Amendment XXV"). With the dissolution of the Franchise at the end of Hitman: Blood Money, it is likely that the Crows cease to exist, with most of its members either dead or in hiding.


The Crows Nest

The Crows are exclusive to the mission "The Murder of Crows." The Yellow Guard Birds are seen mostly at the Crow's hideout (known as the Crows Nest).


There is one member of the Yellow Bird guards who can be seen in one of the upstairs room of hotel with two prostitutes (though he is still wearing his costume for some reason). [1]



  • They are armed with MP9s.
  • The members in blue bird suits are Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina Mason.


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