The Final Test was the second mission in HITMAN™, and the second prologue mission.



As a final exam to allow Agent 47 to join the International Contract Agency, he is tasked infiltrating a Cuban militarily facility and assassinating Jasper Knight, an American defector whom is trying to escape to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Soders, wanting #47 to fail this test, has added more guards and made the mission far harder than it originally was for him.


As with the previous mission, this is a recreation of a previous ICA assignment; this one originally completed in 1979 by Erich Soders. This simulation uses ICA training operatives, with simulated environments and weapons.

The setting takes place in Cuba, at an airforce base.

Escalation Contracts

There is currently only one escalation contract available in The Final Test:

Mission Briefing

"The final test is based on an authentic 1979 mission; the high point of training director Soders' career as an active agent.

The target was Jasper Knight. A famous U.S. chess master exposed as a Soviet spy. Soders caught up with Knight at a military airfield in Cuba and eliminated him against all odds. This is your objective as well.

Now listen carefully; ICA exams aren't normally this difficult. Not only was the airfield a virtual fortress, he even added additional guards. Soders wants you to fail. He considers you a threat and this way your unfortunate exit from the program will not raise any eyebrows. He did not, however, factor me into the equation.

If Soders can bend the rules, then so can I. Good luck, initiate.

Diana Burnwood


  1. Eliminate Jasper Knight
  2. Locate Exit


Fighter Jet Safety Protocol

According to the safety protocol, Jasper Knight is required to do a safety check before takeoff. The protocol, which is performed by certified airplane mechanics, includes a test of the onboard ejector seat.

Knight's Chess Conundrum

According to airfield security, Knight is trying to solve a chess conundrum created by the unusual opening move of his victim, the late Russian Ambassador. Beginner's luck no doubt, but Knight is a grandmaster and highly obsessive in these matters.

Knight's Escape Route

According to desk security, the red folder contains projector slides depicting Knight's escape route from Cuba to his new home in the Soviet Union. A soldier is coming back to fetch the slides, whereupon the KGB officer and Knight will likely retreat to the upstairs office.

Knight's Final Demand

Knight has made an unexpected demand for his girlfriend to accompany him to the Soviet Union and he refuses to leave Cuba, until he receives affirmation from KGB high command. The call will come through in the restricted radio room.

Knight's Safety Check

It appears that all fighter jet passengers are required to do an onboard safety check before takeoff. The protocol is performed by airplane mechanics and is listed on a clipboard.

Netzke's Thirst for Vodka

Cilas Netzke, the KGB officer in charge of the extraction, has ordered airfield security to get him a bottle of vodka. He probably wants to make a toast.

Note for KGB High Command

A list of demands from Jasper Knight to KGB officer Cilas Netzke. Apparently, Knight wants his girlfriend to accompany him to the Soviet Union and refuses to leave Cuba until the request is granted. The request is currently pending KGB high command approval.

Projector Slides


The Skylight

According to the soldiers, there is an open skylight at the roof of the hangar. Could be a weak spot in security.

The Spymaster

Knight and Officer Netzke both work for Janus, the legendary KGB spymaster. A yet unidentified strategic genius, Janus heads the KGB's special infiltration branch. They say that Janus' sleeper agents cannot be turned or broken, but the Russian Ambassador's unexpected defection hints that Janus' power might be crumbling.

Training Director Soders' Plan

Training Director Erich Soders is a legendary Cold War era ICA assassin, considered the best of his generation. However, he has grown reactionary and paranoid and considers you a security risk to the ICA. By basing your final exam on his own legendary 1979 mission, he is stacking the odds unfairly against us, hoping that you will die in the attempt. Our only chance is to win - and if you happen to outshine Soders' own performance, it can only be considered poetic justice.

Vodka Bottle

A bottle of Russian vodka. Decent brand, too.




Melee Weapons



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