This page lists all available opportunities in The Final Test, in the 2016 release HITMAN™.

Final Terms

Knight is blackmailing the KGB. High stakes indeed.

Apparently, Jasper Knight is demanding that his girlfriend accompanies him to the Soviet Union, and he refuses to leave until he gets affirmation from his superiors in Moscow. The call will come through in the restricted, but otherwise unguarded, radio room.

Safe Conduct

Knight's escape plan is at the reception desk. He will likely want to review it in private.

The slides depicting Knight's escape route from Cuba to his new home in the Soviet Union are ready for pickup at the reception. Desk security expect a soldier to fetch the slides, whereupon the KGB officer and Knight will likely retreat to the upstairs office.

Safety First

Testing the ejector seat mechanism. Indoors. Sounds dangerous.

Escape by fighter jet. Jasper Knight certainly knows how to make an exit. But first he needs to test the jet's safety equipment, including the ejector seat.

To Fallen Comrades

The KGB officer has a thirst for vodka, and is unlikely to drink alone.

The officer in charge has ordered airfield security to get him a bottle of vodka. He will probably offer Knight a drink as well. That is, provided he is able to drag the grandmaster away from his chess game.

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