The Final Test is the second mission in HITMAN™ (2016) and the last mission in the tutorial section.


The target of the level is Jasper Knight, an American chessmaster about to defect to the East who is hiding at a Cuban airfield.


Everything within the perimeter fence is restricted for 47, meaning disguises are practically essential to get through. The only feasible entrance is near the fence to the left of the starting position. At that spot, the fence is missing its barb wire and can be vaulted over. There will be two mechanics talking on the other side, providing an Oppurtunity. Once they're done talking, vault over the fence and take cover.

There will be a checkpoint with a single Airfield Security guard (the ones in black uniforms) near it, with a soldier (the ones with green military uniforms and assault rifles) occasionally walking up to it. Once the soldier is gone, use a distraction to lure the guard to where the booth will block other NPCs' view of him, knock him out, take his uniform and hide the body in the nearby container. The disguise will give you access to the outside perimeter of the airbase as well as the ground floor, though there are quite a few observant guards inside the base, so use caution. It might be a good idea to change into a mechanic uniform once inside since they have more or less the same level of access and there are fewer observant NPCs who can expose you. Military guard uniforms allow access to the upper floors, but there are observant NPCs at most of the stairwells, making them impossible to walk up, though there are ways around them.

Jasper Knight

Knight spends all of his time wandering around the office upstairs with a soldier escorting him, only occasionally stepping outside and standing by the railing for a brief moment before going back in. Because of this, if you've made it into the office with a disguise not allowed there, you won't have long to move around before he comes back. If things get desperate, you can hide behind the desk since NPCs never move there.

One Last Call

This method requires the KGB Officer disguise and little else. First go to the office area with the projector and find a desk with a note on it. Then find the KGB Officer who is wandering around the floor. If you're not using opportunities' he can be found in Instinct Mode since he is the only NPC with that particular uniform. The best chance to knock him out and take his uniform is when he goes to a restroom.

After you have his uniform, talk to Knight to start leading him away. Take him to an office on the other side of the hangar that is guarded by two military guards. Inside, Knight will start using the radio. When he's looking away, garrote him and hide the body in a container.

The Ejector Seat

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The Spotlight

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When Knight steps into the main room and stands by the railing, he is right below a spotlight that can be made to fall. Find a crowbar on the bottom floor and infiltrate the top floor (the military guard disguise is recommended) and you can find certain access points to the beams near the ceiling. Find the one near Knight's office and wait until he is in position. When he is, use the crowbar to loosen the spotlight and make it fall onto him.

The Slide Projector

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The Vodka

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Silent Assassin, Suit Only

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Because the level is relatively small, it's pretty easy to take Knight out using only the suit. His office can be accessed by climbing up a pipe on a wall in the yard after the checkpoint booth and is left completely unattended when he leaves.

Enter by vaulting over the fence as usual, but be sure to pick up the hammer at the base of the fence. Knock out the guard at the checkpoint and hide the body in the container, but don't take the disguise. Instead, wait for the military guard who stops nearby to make another pass, then climb through the booth and sneak past the guards by moving behind the crates in the yard. There are three guards in the yard in total; the one that moves up and down between the checkpoint and the gate, one stationary guard who stands in the middle of the first guard's path and one who guards the entrance into the hangar. Use coins to lure them away if you have to and use the hammer to knock them out quickly and silently.

Once the yard is clear, climb up the pipe and wait near the window for the office to clear. Only three NPCs will enter the office; Jasper Knight, the military guard who follows him and the KGB officer. The KGB officer can be knocked out and dragged to the container in the restroom when Knight is out. Unfortunately, the guard stands with his back turned towards the window, giving him a wide line of sight, so in order to knock him out, you have to hide standing next to the window or in the restroom, wait for Knight to start exiting and use the hammer to knock out the guard when he starts following, timing it so the guard doesn't have time to open the door and be audible to the guards outside, then drag him into the restroom while Knight is out, which he only is for maybe ten seconds. Then wait for Knight to come back and has his back turned, then kill him. Afterwards, escape the same way you came in.


Once Jasper is dead, you can exit the level the same way you came in.

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